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2024 Dividend Tracker - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

2024 Dividend Tracker - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

The 2024 Dividend Tracking Workbook - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY!


Everything is the phycial book, just in a digital format!

...provides a comprehensive guide for tracking and managing dividend income from investments. It emphasizes the importance of consistency and dedication in maintaining your dividend tracking to observe and grow your investments over time. 


This workbook provides guidance on various aspects related to dividend investing, including understanding what it involves, setting monthly and quarterly goals, tracking dividends, and evaluating the performance of your investments.


Regular tracking of dividends can make a significant difference in financial growth. Monthly and quarterly goals are suggested for better tracking 
and analysis.


The workbook also includes various templates such as a Stock/Fund Watch List, Stock Share Builder, and Monthly Dividend Stock Tracker to assist in tracking and planning investments. Investors are also encouraged to calculate how hard their dividends work for them, with suggestions for calculating dividend income per minute, hourly, weekly, and monthly.


The workbook concludes with a summary of the total dividend earned in 2024, the accounts receiving the most dividend income, total dividend portfolio balance at the end of the year, best and worst paying stocks and funds, and goals for 2025.


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